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i’ve been watching a new drama the last few days and haven’t queued up like usual.  sorry!  in the meantime, i found these super cute in time with you cartoons.  i’ll be back with new posts on monday! ✌


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Totally Biased: Comedian Kristina Wong talks Asian Dating Fetishes

Kristina Wong is hilarious and this was just such an on point chat with her discussing the fetishization of Asian women (and of gay Asian men). I was alternatively shaking my head at the horrible things she’s heard from white people and bursting out laughing at her amazing anecdotes and her message to Jeremy Lin at the end. Definitely check it out, these were 5 minutes VERY well spent!!!

It should also be noted that, although white men are particularly notorious for fetishizing Asian women (and gay Asian men), MOC are also guilty of this too a lot of the time.

In any case, highly recommended watch! Also checkout her XOJane article, “9 Wack Things White Guys Say to Deny Their Asian Fetish" for more on this topic from Kristina.

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Capitol Couture is a fashion magazine from the Hunger Games’ image-obsessed dystopian Capitol. Their latest effort is a series of photos titled “One Panem,” showcasing a “hero” from of Panem’s twelve oppressed and often poverty-stricken districts.

With the next Hunger Games movie introducing a fully-fledged rebellion, this photoshoot is evidently meant to be propaganda, trying to get citizens to stay proud of their own district’s role in supporting the Capitol.

Tellingly, Katniss Everdeen’s district isn’t represented by a “hero” who shows pride in their work and patriotism, but a 6-year-old girl who “channels her hope and optimism toward Panem’s peaceful future.” 


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Just so you know…


Just so you know…

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越不想愛, 就越愛。
The harder you try not to love, the more you do.
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